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About Multisportscoaching team
Coach Rich is involved in physical education since 1995, starting in early 90's as an age-group triathlete and Ironman athlete for two decades. He has done over 300 races from road races to triathlons. He has been performing many sports since the age of 4 years old. 

He thrives in teaching is knowledge and passion to the sport of triathlon. Richard is devoted to his athletes and provides them with a program adapted to their specific needs and training time available. Coach Rich is a former business owner in the sports industry, martial arts junkie, former infantry soldier, avid cyclist commuter and former fitness director-manager of a sports club of 6000+ members. Working full time as a special investigator with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Richard understand the balance of achieving work-life-training balance.

With Training Peaks software & app, the athlete has access to his/her training plan anywhere electronically. The training programs are customized to the person’s morphology, his/her strengths and weaknesses, lung capacity and training time available. Coach Rich is always up to date with the latest training methodologies.

Richard studied Social Sciences at Carleton University with a major in Psychology and minor in Law, he also have two College degrees in legal services (Law and Correctional), Certified NCCP triathlon coach, sanctioned by Triathlon Canada governing body, certified PTS (Personal trainer specialist), certified SPI (Sports performance institute) Certified Stott Pilates instructor, certified BTS (fitness program director specialist) Certified Resist-a-ball instructor, certified Bosu instructor, certified JGSPI spinning instructor, certified Sport strength specialist, certified PNL (Programmation Neuro Linguistique), certified CPR, first aid and defibrillator

*Experience coaching over 1000 multisport athletes from around the globe
*Experience as a corporate coach and fitness trainer
*Speaker for different race clinics
*Guest speaker for Radio Énergie, Rock Détente radio, Rythme FM. Also for, TVA, TQS and CBC television. Chronicles with Le Droit , La Revue and the Ottawa Citizen
Richard Lefebvre, Head coach, Owner
Sylvie Peladeau, Dt.p
Bsc (Nutrition) specialized in sport nutrition and functional nutrition. Her sport nutrition expertise brings an edge to a customized training program for any endurance events.

Sylvie is a former national level figure skater and for the last 20 years as a competitive runner/triathlete. She has then completed several Ironman races. 

You spend countless hours training for your sport . You invest in the latest bike, the fastest training gears, the most advanced GPS. You get massage, physio and sports specific coaching. All while sill eating the same old diet you always have, (or maybe trying whatever the latest fad diet gripping the sports world is).

The fact is that without a measured, logical and evidence based approach to testing and ultimately refining the right protocol for you can your sport, you are leaving a potentially game changing performance on the table. The real key here is outcome based decision making and testing using simulated race conditions. Unless you’re testing, you’e guessing.

At Multisportscoaching we have a testing and outcome based decision making protocol that will help you dial in a race winning formula for your next ‘A’ race…

Committed to helping our athletes achieve their dreams
Susi-Paula Gaudencio, Pht, FCAMT
Susi-Paula is a competitive triathlete and runner for the past 20 years. Spinning instructor and former aerobic National champ. A graduate of the University of Ottawa, Susi has been practising her profession as a physiotherapist since 1995. She has perfected her knowledge of manual therapy and has obtained the highest distinguished title FCAMT (Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapy). In addition, she uses dry needling in order to relieve muscle tension and help tissues healing. Susi is a Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s manual therapy training curriculum teaching assistant. She also teaches in the Physiotherapy Program at the University of Ottawa, on contract. You can reach het at